cbd massage


Massage therapy has its own benefits as the application of firm touch in the key areas of the body has been shown to have great effects on muscle and joint pain, stress, anxiety, headaches and even sleep disorders. Adding CBD oil to your massage can enhance these benefits. Next time you book a massage appointment, make it a CBD massage.

Benefits include:

Reduced inflammation. By applying CBD topicals directly to affected areas the cannabinoid’s natural anti-inflammatory effects can help to reduce the inflammation and therefore relieve any discomfort being experienced due to sore muscles.

Inflammation is essentially the body’s response to a threat to your health. In the case of strenuous activity or physical injury, inflammation can happen as a result, which tends to show itself in the form of pain, soreness, swelling, and redness. CBD topicals and oils can help target and reduce inflammation because of its unique ability to indirectly interact with the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the endocannabinoid system. In particular, CBD has a bigger impact on the CB2 receptor that affects the immune system. Since the immune response to an outside threat is inflammation, CBD’s ability to target the CB2 receptor can effectively reduce inflammation.

Reduce chronic pain. More and more people are turning to CBD to alleviate pain. In addition to reducing inflammation CBD can also increase blood flow throughout the areas affected and soothes muscle tension.

CBD oil has also been found to help reduce blood pressure, alleviate stress and speed up the recovery of muscles that have experienced injury or overuse. During a CBD massage, CBD can help to naturally loosen muscles to reduce pain and inflammation to allow for faster healing.

Improve skin health. CBD is an excellent moisturizer. It can also help to reduce the production of oil in the skin further reducing blemishes. In addition, CBD contains linoleic acid, which further helps to regulate oil production on the skin and stops breakouts.

Alleviate anxiety and stress. Getting a massage is already a great way to reduce stress and adding CBD can help you relax your mind even more. Many studies have shown that CBD has potent anti-anxiety properties and an incredible ability to induce calming, relaxing effects without getting a person high— unlike THC.

When applied in appropriate doses CBD can help with any number of disorders related to anxiety including PTSD, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder and phobias to name a few.

CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, and the products that we use at Journey Within Wellness Center use have been medically proven to be non-psychoactive. CBD does not interfere with psycho-motor and psychological functions. There have been numerous studies that show CBD is safe and well tolerated.

CBD is legal in the State of Maryland and since the passing of the Farm Bill in December, 2018 it is considered federally legal in the United States of America.  

Journey Within Wellness Center works to ensure the purity of our CBD products. However, CBD oil can still contain minute traces of THC, and use of a high quantity of CBD oil can result in rare instances of a “false positive” in less than 0.2% of all cases. Therefore, while it is extremely unlikely the use of CBD oil will result in a positive urine screening for THC, Journey Within Wellness Center is not responsible for any failed drug test.