Beginner’s Journey –
For first time floaters a 30 min float will get you acclimated to the experience and we will also offer guided breathing and mindfulness before you float and the option of yoga or acupuncture to ground you after your float.

The beginner’s journey then has a 60 min session of floating followed with the option of 30 mins of either meditation, yoga or acupuncture as a second appointment and then a 90 min float followed by the option of 30 mins of meditation, yoga or acupuncture as a third appointment in this 3 float beginner’s journey package. All for $150.

Our Regular Prices:

Float – 60 mins $80
Float – 90 mins $100
Float – 120 mins $140
Couples Float – 60 mins $125
Couples Float – 90 mins $145

CBD Drops before your Float: $5

Membership for $60 includes

1 Float 90 mins OR 1 Massage for 60 mins or one Acupuncture session for 60 mins (you choose), one per month.

Mindfulness and Meditation Coaching.

Membership gives access to the following discounts:

Additional Floats for $60
Couples Float $30 extra
Massages 60 min for $60, 90 min for $90.
Acupuncture for $60 or 6 sessions for $300
Consult our team about doing Wellness Programs to get even more savings!