We offer a float spa big enough for two people. Ask about our couples float room. Our float room is more spacious and customer friendly than traditional float tanks or the float pods (float pods are seen in the Stephen Curry video). The client will have complete privacy and comfort with ability to communicate with staff through an electronic system. We offer two Float rooms, so book two people in separate float rooms at the same time or float together in the same float room. You have the option.



We have float rooms built into our facility that can fit up to two people and when an individual floats alone in one of these rooms the extra space allows you to bring your arms and legs all the way out without touching anything. Float rooms are larger in size compared to the pods and tanks and there is no lid that you close over top yourself. You walk in and lay down without closing anything over top of yourself. 

What is Float Therapy?

Float Therapy involves a body of skin temperature water with over a thousand pounds of Epsom salt (think dead sea). Buoyancy occurs naturally due to the salts and the client will float effortlessly. There are a range of benefits that one can experience (see benefits). Anyone can float and there is nothing special you have to do. Just lay back and relax!